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contamination-combating blood cells for four days. In later articles, i will lay out advice on the first-class foods to devour for brain fitness, and what to avoid. Why high cholesterol levels and belly fats can be terrible for your mind as well  Neurofy   as your coronary heart. You will discover why exercising is ideal on your mind, now not just for your body. And the way without a doubt getting ok sleep can nearly magically clear up fuzzy wondering. (the potential of check topics assigned to memorize lists of words improved by 30 percentage after a terrific night's sleep) there are also 'mind villains' that can rob your brain of its power. How can your protect yourself? A few traditional recommendation: smoking and ingesting to excess are just as terrible to your mind as they're for the rest of your body. However there are other extra unexpected findings. Muddled wondering? Blame it on pressure. In one study, harassed scientific.