Tags to the file

In the new window that will open, you can modify the file's name or include tags to the file.


 Artwork Archive was not available before Austin Community College. They utilized metadata to catalog artwork that they had in their care. "We have been using

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 Metadata is used to track and record the location of permanent collection pieces. It also records the time it's been on display in a specific location. This is due to the fact that it was impossible to.


 "We do not have an external management system for this yet," says TJ Hilton (Austin Community College Exhibitions Coordinator). Spreadsheets are useful.

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 but if data is embedded within the image, it's less likely to be missed or overlooked," he adds.


 It's an excellent idea to make a list of all the information that you intend to include when adding metadata to images.

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 standardize your data. "Some information we enter into metadata include the artist's contact details, medium, dimensions and the condition.




 Follow these easy steps to embed metadata into your images

 Create metadata on your computer

 Right-click on an image and choose "Properties".


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 In the new window that will open, you can modify the file's name or include tags to the file.


 Add metadata to your Mac

 Open "Photos", and double-click any photo to see it.