If you have not checked out Lethal League

If you have not checked out Lethal League


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Lethal League is a super competitive tennis game that is also mixed with a fighting game. The whole purpose of the game is to hit an anti gravity ball back and forth while trying to knock the other person out. The game combines speed, violence, and physics all into one game. The games are super fast paced, and can include up to four people for online games. The games get super quick and are a ton of fun.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys Rocket League as it has that fantasy sports element to it, and has games that are extremely quick from one to another. The game has both local and online multiplayer, and it allows you to track your stats to see how you stand up against other people through the leaderboards. If you have not checked out Lethal League, I would highly recommend it because it combines a lot of awesome elements into one for an ultimate fast paced, fun, and intense game.

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