How to Fix the GAH! Error 1111 in AOL Mail?

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So your AOL Mail was working fine and today you suddenly saw it crash horribly with an error message reading ‘GAH! Error 1111’? Well, it must be frustrating but we have got you sorted. Yes, your AOL mail login UK can be fixed in minutes! Here, we suggest you some steps that will certainly help you get rid of this error. The AOL mail login UK in your computer requires a couple quick fixes to get you logged in back to your account.

Fix 1: Change the password of your AOL mail login UK account.

The first and easiest thing to do to solve the Error 1111 issue is to reset the password of your AOL account. Ensure that your new password should be different from what you had chosen during the AOL sign up. After resetting the password, sign in again to your account.

Fix 2: Clear cookies and cache data from your PC’s web browser.

If the previous method did not help you with your situation, try clearing cache and cookies from the web browser of your computer. Clearing your browser’s cache usually fixes temporary internet errors in a jiffy, so your AOL mail login UK is also expected to work finely again with this technique. The cache data is nothing but temporary files of websites that you have surfed over time. Different browsers come with different steps for clearing cache and cookies. Try this method to revive your account in no time!

Usually, any of the above two fixes can help to get your AOL mail login UK account back on track. However, if you still experience some further difficulties while using, you can always contact the technical support at AOL for personalized help. The technical team at AOL holds years of expertise and will be happy to help!