How to check Walmart gift card balance?

Wondering How to check Walmart gift card balance? Install the Walmart app on your device or go to and tap on "Check Gift Card balance."


Walmart gift cards are one of the trending gift options that are chosen by those people who always find themselves in a confusing situation as to what they should gift to others. So, if you have also got a chance to get one such gift card, then you might want to know the balance available on your card so that you can make the purchases accordingly.

Usually, the amount available on the card is written on it. However, if you have used that card before and you are unsure of how much balance is left on it, then you need to know how to check Walmart gift card balance.

 To check the available balance, it is important that you have a Walmart account, your gift card number, and your Gift card PIN. If you do not have one of these details, then you should get it immediately to check the gift card balance. With enough knowledge about it, let us now discuss the procedure to check Walmart gift card balance.

Steps to check Walmart gift card balance

Here is the quick process to check the available balance on your gift card:

  1. Either get the Walmart Application or go to
  2. Else, tap on this link-
  3. Enter the Walmart gift card number from the card you have.
  4. After that, you need to enter the 4 digits Security PIN of your card.
  5. Further, you have to prove that you're not a robot.
  6. As the final step, click on the "Get card balance" option.
  7. The following screen will show you the amount available on your card.


If you are unable to follow any instructions that I have mentioned in this post, then you are required to go to the official site of Walmart and navigate to its "Help" section. From that page, you can get the information about the topic you are looking for along with some additional details.