No Man’s Sky on Steam has basically been positive feedback in the five years since its launch

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The open-world space game No Man’s Sky is a symbol of its transition from arrogant and overly optimistic marketing hype, which is rare in the game, so this incredible feat is also the game that has regained the favor of players. The resurrection of No Man’s Sky is now real, and we all hope that this will happen when other games start badly. This week, this phenomenon was informally marked as "mostly positive" by all Steam comments on No Man’s Sky.

At first, this game was overwhelmingly negative Steam reviews, but now it has turned to positive reviews, which is an amazing achievement. In fact, within a few weeks after No Man’s Sky was first released five years ago, the anger and frustration expressed by players are still fresh in memory. Players complained about lack of features and poor performance, and the anger at the highly anticipated space sandbox game reached its lowest point, so much so that the moderator of the No Man's Space subreddit said he was "worry about my safety."

However, gradually, the developer Hello Games changed the unmanned spacecraft. Major updates such as NEXT in 2018 (a full multiplayer game added) and Frontiers last week brought players back to No Man's Sky and even new games.

Hello Games founder Sean Murray said that it took the team two full years to change from the "overwhelmingly negative" in Steam reviews to "hybrid", and to "basically positive" in the past three years. Their team has put in a lot of energy and time in the past few years, which is not easy.

In some ways, it’s easy to ignore Steam reviews, but if a game doesn’t value player feedback, then they will stall or even decline. Murray took this opportunity to point out that No Man's Sky will start a new season called Cartographer’s Expedition and a new Twitch drop event, which will provide in-game rewards for players who start watching the live broadcast of unmanned deep-sky games this week. award.

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