I believe Zamorak is still in Runescape with an ardent and loyal fan base

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My account isn't built for PvP. I'm 136 combat, having three 99s based on combat OSRS Accounts. There are three kinds of magic: Defense, Constitution, and Magic. My skill stats all exceed 70, with the majority in the 80s, but with little 90+, except 99 Fletching (which does not help when playing PvP).

Within a matter of steps, I could be attacked by any player with full 99 combat statistics. This includes maxed players with an arsenal of rocktails, overloads, other classes of weapons and armor, as well as a yak full of rocktails. While I may be able compete as a mage once I have the advantage of potions, beasts of weight and other types of weapons and armor, I'm outclassed.

That's not to say I'm not complaining. While I could make my account more competitive If I could find enough time, I don’t see the financial gain. If I PK someone, it could bring me, if I'm fortunate drygores. Let's say I spot someone skulled and smite them with my prayer. And then it happens. I don't have the chaining ability, so they will likely outclass mine in that space.

I'd rather be at KK with some friends and kill it 30 times in 90 minutes and pick up my 1 drygore from the other. The only part I might enjoy about PvP is the excitement of it. However, I get enough of that from PvM that I don't feel as if I'm missing out on it Buy Old School RuneScape Gold. This is a fantastic question and I'd be interested to hear more answers.